InstructorTony Stevens
TypeOnline Course
DateAug 23, 2016
Student Enrolled1
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Get ahead start with you video marketing with YouTube Ads Genius. Learn what’s needed to rank your video’s high in the google family of search engines.

Section 1YouTube Ads Foundation
Lecture 1Why YouTube Ads
Lecture 2Different Types Of Ads And How To Use Them
Lecture 3Linking Your Associated Website
Lecture 4Example Of In Display Advertising
Lecture 5Blueprint For In-Display Ads
Section 2
Lecture 6Creating In-Display Ads
Lecture 7Using Camtasia
Lecture 8In-Display Keyword Research
Lecture 9Thumbnails To Get Clicks
Lecture 10Uploading and Optimising In-Display Ads
Section 3
Lecture 11Secrets Of Funnelled Traffic
Lecture 12Setting Up In-Display Pt1
Lecture 13Setting Up In-Display Pt2
Lecture 14Little Known Benefits
Lecture 15Example of In-Stream Ads
Section 4
Lecture 16Channel Research
Lecture 17More Optimising
Lecture 18Split-testing Benefits
Lecture 19Scaling Up Business
Section 5
Lecture 20Outro’s
Lecture 21Webinars
Lecture 22Adwords Coupons
Lecture 23Channel Keywords
Lecture 24Plus Google+
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